Neuhaus, the cafe I mentioned in the earlier. 68RMB for a pastry and it is not cheap by Chinese standards. The strawberry tart was really good, not too sweet unlike it’s counterpart the chocolate napoleon as they call it.The chocolate itself was very tasty but maybe the biscuit in between made it way too sweet. Neuhaus located on the 5th floor has also a week days set. 118RMB for one coffee + one pastry or 218RMB for two coffee + two pastries. I would have went for the set but unfortunately I went on the weekends.

Found this really cool BBQ stick machine on the 6th floor of IAPM next to the PALACE cinema. Although the meat sticks are nothing special but after noticing a queue of customers, the machine cooks the BBQ sticks perfect every time. Machines are taking our jobs over O.O

Newly open IAPM on Huaihai road and Shanxi road has not only, expensive clothing brands opened in the shopping mall but also really good food franchises as well (Ippodu, Italian tomato, Neuhaus chocolatier, Ginza Bairin- Tonkatsu in case your wondering, Grey Hounds cafe, Morton’s….to name a few). I wanted to try a new ramen restaurant and this one’s located on the 5th floor of IAPM. Bit pricey and some items are well worth it; the fried chicken, the fish but unfortunately not the ramen. I chose the Tsukemen with black garlic soup dip and the dip was way too watery to cling onto any ramen. The ramen was also over cooked thus not “al dente” Bit disappointed but will give it another try some times later. 

2nd week of December weekly specials

Ramen madness!!!

December weekly specials

Weekly specials

Korean hand-cut noodles, a great winter dish. Their kimchi is one of the best in Shanghai. They also serve some traditional dishes like the roasted pork above.

Went to this restaurant in Korea and was hooked ever since. But they didn’t have this restaurant in China until recently. (YAY!) They serve raw crab (best during winter) marinated in soy. Raw crab roe with rice and other seafood dishes.

Slow roasted beef brisket stuffed with Tuscany bread, mozzarella cheese and carrots.

Slow roasted beef brisket stuffed with Tuscany bread, mozzarella cheese and carrots.